Toshiba Powers Up EL924 Uninterruptible Power System Series For Emergency Lighting Applications

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HOUSTON, TX — Feb. 9, 2018 — The Toshiba EL924 series uninterruptible power system (UPS) is designed and manufactured by Toshiba as a solution for UL 924 requirements of power equipment for emergency lighting. The EL924 series utilizes the existing 4400 series UPS cabinet with matching battery cabinets to provide 90-minute runtime as required per UL 924, while keeping to UL 1778 requirements and the Buy American Act of domestic end products.

The Emergency Lighting market has been trending toward replacing incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to light emitting diodes. These AC LED fixtures require a true sine wave to operate properly as opposed to the modified square waves that are prevalent in many single conversion inverters. Using a large, three-phase, centralized UPS allows for larger sections of emergency lighting to be backed up so that maintenance of battery and equipment is localized to a single system. Thus, reducing maintenance time and cost.

The EL924 series features double-conversion, all insulated-gate bipolar transistors with an easy to navigate local touchscreen interface. State-of-the-art electronic battery isolation circuitry and a robust DC capacitor bank ensure battery longevity, reducing total cost of ownership. The small footprint and total front access mechanical design allows for zero rear clearance and the flexibility of top, bottom, and/or side cable entry.

“Our team recognized the opportunity to meet demand in the emergency lighting market and have developed a quality solution by customizing existing product,” said Greg Mack, Vice President and General Manager of the TIC Power Electronics Division. “The EL924 series will help meet that demand while continuing to expand Toshiba’s capabilities in new markets.”

The EL924 series is available in 15 and 20 kVA with standard 208 V in/out and options for 380/400/415/480 Vac in/out.

System includes:

  • UPS + Battery Cabinets for 90-minute Runtime
  • Listed to UL 924
  • Parallel Kit Between Battery Cabinets
  • Interconnect Kit Between Battery Cabinets and UPS (Side by Side Configuration)
  • RemotEye® 4 Monitoring Software for protocols including:
    • Modbus TCP & RTU
    • BACnet IP & MSTP
    • SNMP

Designed for:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Any Building/Structure Built to NFPA 101: Life Safety Code

Compatible with 4400 Ancillary equipment:

  • Slim MBS
  • Auxiliary Cabinet
  • Transformer Cabinet

About Toshiba International Corporation

Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) is a Toshiba America Inc. (TAI) Group Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, and comprised of four divisions – Motors & Drives, Power Electronics, Automotive Systems, and Transmission & Distribution Systems. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, TIC provides application solutions to a wide range of industries including general industrial, oil and gas, utilities, datacenters, HVAC, water/wastewater, and mining. For more information about TIC, please visit

About the TIC Power Electronics Division

The TIC Power Electronics division has more than 25 years of experience in uninterruptible power systems. Toshiba produces a versatile range of single-phase and three-phase UPS solutions and accessories hallmarked for outstanding performance and reliability. Single-phase models range from 1 to 22 kVA, while three-phase single module systems range from 15 to 2,000 kW and three-phase parallel module systems from 90 to 16,000 kW. These systems are suitable for a wide range of applications including data centers, telecommunication, retail, healthcare, broadcasting, and industrial. For more information please visit

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